Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Does Socialism Affect You?

This article on socialism links to the World Net Daily Article titled, " What's wrong with socialism"? Joseph Farah, World Net Daily, wrote a well defining article about the inherent effects of socialism on society. His statement that Americans had been duped and could look forward to an education on Socialism over the forthcoming two years from Obama’s failed policies is playing out to be correct. Where he called Socialist a “virus” I believe it is more like “cancerous.” If the Obama administration gets its way with Government run Health Care (the so-called Public Plan Option) we will experience just how costly “free” health care really is. By the time this administration get through spreading the wealth around there won’t be any jingle left in our pockets.

I hope Joseph Farah is wrong in his assessment that Americans will have to experience the effects of Socialism to get educated on just how wrong it is for America. No one should experience that kind of misery and loss of control simply to get America back on track. Certainly this country’s citizens are smarter than that. Surely, we’re intelligent enough to realize that:

Socialism is based on lies and deception and the creation of a need for dependence on the Government.

Without a re-distribution of wealth it can’t be sustained. (That’s you earnings being given to others.)

It creates a system of increasing cost that will always require increases in personal and corporate taxes. (That’s increase taxes on everyone – there are not enough rich folks to carry the full burden.)

The demand to increase the tax base will ultimately reach a level of unsustainability and result in health care rationing and poorer quality treatment. (And for you doctors, eventually price controls will become a part of the package.)

Much of what we see now as our citizen’s rights will disappear because Socialism cannot exist with them in place.

I have seen Socialism in practice up close and found it to make promises of the golden egg; only to deliver a lesser quality and more expensive quality of life. It was built promoting a dependence on the Government, not you own innovation and motivation to succeed. If anything it stifles motivation and creates a welfare system. Something our forefathers branded as a drain on society and the creation of the lazy a few hundred years ago.

Stand up now before you get an education you don’t want to experience. Look at Canada, England, Germany and other Socialist states and learn from their mistakes. Socialism has not work effectively anywhere.